Visitor Management System – Zaer

Our visitor system has been designed and developed to provide a practical solution to the challenges of organizing visits by returning clients, visitors and contractor employees working for the facility. The system also meets the security requirements for recording and tracking visitors’ movements. The system is linked to ID card design and issuance tools and visitor verification systems by means of facial or fingerprint recognition technology, ID card readers, barcodes, or security gates.

The employee / visitor can request to inquire about the status of the accepted and rejected application

Historical record of visitor traffic, reports and graphical statistics

Recording and tracking the arrival and departure of visitors and a historical record of visitor movement

Scheduling and managing visits through a calendar

Integration with electronic devices to enter buildings and track visitors

Register visitor and vehicle data and print visitor card

A code that relies on colors of the areas allowed to be visited

Issuance, follow-up and renewal of fixed-term permits for the contractors personnel

Follow up and manage visits of VIP visitors as well as people with disabilities

Emergency evacuation management for facility buildings

Managing visits for shipping companies and incoming shipments by representatives

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