HR Management

HR and Payroll Management System:

The system is built in a way that helps implement the facility’s regulations for personnel affairs, taking into account the human resources policies and the relevant country regulations. It features classifying and archiving employee documents to facilitate retrieval and follow-up. Employee documents are linked to the notifications system which notfies users on the expiry dates of those documents. The system also issues monthly statements of salaries and deductions.

Employment Services Portal:

The portal is an advanced web system for managing the recruitment process from the beginning of the announcement of vacancies and the terms of their occupancy, through the process of conducting interviews and their results, and ending with the recruitment process. This portal can also be linked directly to the human resources management system to dispense with re-entering job candidates data if they are approved.

Employee Portal:

The employee portal was built to serve the employees of the organization and the HR department. The employee can view his data without having to go back to the HR department. These data include, for example, leave balances, instructions and procedures, submitting leave requests and other requests etc…

Attendance and departure system:

Through this system, employee attendance is monitored, analyzed and managed through a database specialized in recording the working type for each employee or group of jobs such as: work shifts, working hours, rest hours, official holidays …. etc. Working hours can also be recorded manually on the system or linked directly with attendance and departure recording devices.

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