Field Management System

Tejwal is a system that uses modern technologies embedded in smart device systems, to accomplish and manage field work. The system includes a series of       e-procedures that lead to the automation of the functions and flow of transaction forms in the field through:

Recording field tour data, if and where it was completed

Displaying the itinerary and data of the employee's visiting authority at the beginning of the field tour

Update location data when starting a visit

Issuance of alerts and violations and the ability to print forms and bonds at the event site

Photograph the event location and save the image in the visit file

Locate the field worker and show it in the center

Follow-up the dates, times and duration of visiting work sites

Transferring field work data to central systems automatically without the need to re-enter

Issuing the daily work report, in addition to a summary of the itinerary and a summary of the visit results

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