Legal Contents Management System

Legal Management System


Finally there's a legal case management system that is designed to fit to your needs. The Mtech Systems Legal Management Framework is powered by SharePoint, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook. It empowers legal organizations of all sizes to manage the cost and the quality of their daily activities.

Mtech solution is a standards driven streamlined set of features that covers well-defined Legal processes, and has been built on the set of latest technologies such as SharePoint, Silverlight, Dynamics CRM and Cloud computing.

Following diagram present the key features of Mtech’s Legal Case Management framework:


Current Legal Case Management Challenges:

Legal community is faced with various IT management challenges today. Some of the key challenges that we see in the market are:

         Vast amount of diverse data.

       Several disparate applications to coordinate various tasks.

       Need for compliance and transparency.

       Clients are demanding lower cost and faster turnaround.


Mtech's Legal Case Management:

With the Mtech Legal Management Systems, you can automate work flow; integrate Microsoft Outlook (email, calendar, contacts, and tasks) and Word; and administer document collaboration in small and mid-size law firms, corporate legal, departments and government agencies. Use familiar software tools to create and view reports, share information and documents, set up tasks, and analyze results.


Benefits of Mtech's Legal Case Management Framework:

The benefits that can be achieved by utilizing Mtech's framework include:
         Quick Reference into Case Facts:
You have many options. View completed tasks in a chronological format; see the edits made by different people working on the case, glance through notes, and more.

        Search Across All Documents:
Case data can be searched at a firm-wide, office-wide, inter-departmental or intra-departmental level. Members working on a case can collaborate more effectively and avoid conflicts and duplicated efforts.

       Integrate with Other Applications:
The Mtech Legal Management system seamlessly integrates Microsoft Office applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook) and other third-party software providers you may already be using.

       Time Tracking and Billing:
Clients frequently challenge bills and reviewing the case can be time-consuming. Now you can easily review the details from a particular day to determine if any adjustment necessary.

        Enhance Your Workflow Process:
Get a case management and workflow management solution. Automate your current workflow process; which includes everything from entering new clients and cases to managing filing deadlines to closing a case.

        Regulatory Compliance:
Mtech's roles driven framework has been designed to establish and enforce compliance and transparency based on current governance requirements and other regulations and laws.