Incoming Outgoing Mail Management

Correspondence Management

Mtech brings both the incoming and outgoing correspondence management process into a single system with outgoing correspondence generated and sent using customized templates to meet each client’s individual needs. Incoming correspondence can be registered, scanned and/or imported from your email system.

If you are interested in ensuring the materials you need on site are available as required and that a complete audit trail is maintained at each phase of the materials management process.

Managing incoming mail

Mtech Incoming mail correspondence feature provides elegant solution for managing different types of file formats.

Mtech can handle the following types of Incoming Correspondence:

    Hard Copies: Register only.

    Hard Copies: Register, scan and store the scanned image with entry.

    Internal Mail: Received electronically.

    Email: Using the our mail mapping tool, emails received via standard email packages can be read.


Managing outgoing mail

Outgoing mail consists of all the correspondence types that you use to communicate with other parties. This can include memos, emails, instructions, requests for information, advice notes – in fact any correspondence types used in each customers business.