Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management

HR Mtech solutions will enable you to better manage your staff, simplify your HR and other corporate administration processes and help you improve internal and external collaboration and efficiency. Our software is packed with simple to use, intuitive yet powerful features that your employees will love to use. We enable your staff to achieve results quickly, efficiently even while outside of the office and on the go.

      Employee Management
Simple management of your staff across your entire organizational hierarchy.

       Processes and Collaboration
Booking a time off, submitting expenses or transferring an employee has never been easier.

      Powerful Analytics
Gain insights from your data through built-in reports and powerful visualizations.

      Corporate Administration
We help you manage your key business information such as suppliers, contracts, insurance policies and more.

      Setup is a Breeze
Our simple and elegant solution can be setup and configured in matter of hours. You don't need to spend several months of solution rollout to get going.

      Flexible Deployment
We can run the solutions for you in a secure cloud datacenter of your choice or host on premise whichever you like

      Integrate Applications
Teambase is not just about HR. We can build your other internal processes for you or intergrate it with your in-house applications.