Field Management system

Field Management System

Mobile field workers frequently need rapid access to the right information to be efficient. But until recently field work meant reduced or no access to information from their offices and significant lag times for both obtaining and processing work orders. Field workers were required to return to their offices relatively often, thus reducing their productivity and limiting their time in the field. And paper-based processes commonly caused duplication of effort and avoidable transcription errors.

Recent developments in mobility - hardware, software, integration, and connectivity - change everything.

Mtech’s field mobility solutions now enable organizations to provide faster response times, increase the amount of time spent in the field, reduce travel costs, and eliminate paper-based processes. Mtech’s solutions provide mobile access to business data and process everywhere, all of the time, enabling field forces to stay as connected using 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi technologies as if they were in the office. And with Mtech’s expertise and existing mobility frameworks, developing a field force solution is rapid, affordable, and non-disruptive to existing backend systems.


With mobility solution from Mtech field staff can:

         Continuously access business systems that are physically located in anywhere in the world.

       Retrieve and update project information from any field location.

       Input orders and other information faster and more accurately

       Spend less time traveling and more time in the field.

       Use the mobile devices they choose, including Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and others.

A mobile field force solution also enables organizations to more easily track and support their field forces.

The net result is revenue growth and cost reduction via more productivity, better customer service, higher customer retention and loyalty, fewer errors, and less travel between office and field locations.