Court Management System

Court Management System

Mtech's Court Management System maintains both criminal and civil case types. MTCMS maintains the entire scope of case, charge and courtroom management from case initiation to disposition. MTCMS schedules, assigns judges and courtrooms, and maintains all the data provided by each court proceeding. All the hardcopy documents involved in complicated, lengthy cases may be scanned and retained for later viewing or reference.


Key Features

Case Management for Criminal and Civil Case Types.

   Court Scheduling using a Calendar Interface.

   Document Service Tracking and History

    Integrated Document Imaging and Archiving.

    Court Event Scheduler.

    Assign Attorneys, Public Defenders and Prosecutors.

    Document Generation of Indictments, Notices, etc.

    Dispositions and Sentencing.

    Case and Criminal History Inquiry.

    Add or Modify Bonds.

    Forms and Reports Generation.